Good reasons not to name a fish



I admit it, I name my pond fish.   I get attached to my pond fish.   I wait anxiously each spring for the ice to melt to see if little Larry, Moe and Curley and their wives Wanda and Tawanda have survived the winter.     I make sure they are fed and delight in watching them come to the surface when they see me.

Apparently, I have quite a resemblance to a great blue heron because they came to the surface for it too.

Larry (or it could be Moe, they are both orange…..and let’s face it……they look like twins) and Tawanda are no more.   We are left with Moe (or Larry), Curley and Wanda.   Oh….and one unnamed baby fish that I just call “baby fish” because……well…….it is a baby fish.

The pond now has a fishing line fence around it.   Harry (or Harriet) the Heron (how does one tell?) is going to have to find another buffet line.

Maybe next year I’ll just assign numbers.  One fish, two fish……….

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