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The RV Series- Silence is Golden

When Dave and I were working in the same office, we would each take separate vacations a couple of times a year.   It worked for us, he got to do his thing, I got to do mine, and we got … Continue reading

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An Introverts advice on People-ing

I am an introvert.  Not to be confused with an invertebrate, which is a creature without a backbone.   I have a very nice backbone, thank you, and I’m perfectly capable of standing up for myself. When I tell most people … Continue reading

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The RV Series- A little Wine and a little Whine.

Hey, remember me?   It’s been a while since we moved the RV for a fun trip so my writing went into hibernation.   It’s Spring-ish now in Las Vegas, and we’ve just returned from a week on the road.  The writer … Continue reading

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