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Rambling in the Bramble with New Knee Dave. Love in Action.

I haven’t written in a long time.   The pinball machine that is my brain has been on “TILT,” and no amount of tinkering could get it back to firing those little silver thought balls. But this morning, I had a … Continue reading

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The Puppy Chronicles-Some of Us

I mentioned in my last blog that some of us are adjusting to life in Poppyville. Me, I’m adjusting and laughing a lot. Dave is adjusting. Dallas the Dog, not so much. Our almost 10-year-old Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix is … Continue reading

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The RV Series- Two Years in a Tin Box

I have lived in a Big Box on Wheels for 730 days. If you had asked me ten years ago what I’d be doing in 2019 my answer would not have been “living in a 44 ft class A motorhome … Continue reading

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An Introverts advice on People-ing

I am an introvert.  Not to be confused with an invertebrate, which is a creature without a backbone.   I have a very nice backbone, thank you, and I’m perfectly capable of standing up for myself. When I tell most people … Continue reading

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2019- The Year of Unpacking

Happy New Year friends. It’s hard to believe we are at the beginning of a brand new year.   For me, the past year feels like it passed in a blur even though it was filled with activity and adventures. I … Continue reading

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The RV Series-On To The Next

It was a little chilly in Las Vegas this morning.   The thermometer read 55 degrees as I headed outside to have my coffee. “Chilly” of course, is relative. 55 degrees in New York was almost bathing suit weather, here it qualifies … Continue reading

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The RV Series-The Yellowstone Trip

I have had mechanical breakdown PTSD.   After our trip this summer, being stranded waiting on a part and having no other home to go to, I have been hesitant to travel again. I don’t want to feel that way.   We … Continue reading

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