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The results are in……

The results of the Great Donut Tour 2015 that is. Oh it wasn’t supposed to be a donut tour.  It was just supposed to be a cross country trip in a box on wheels. But a donut tour it was. … Continue reading

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To Boob or Not to Boob, That is the Question

I’m quite sure Shakespeare could never have imagined that out of context paraphrase when he wrote Hamlet. However, when I was thinking about this post, that title kept running around on the hamster wheel of my mind.     So, … Continue reading

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Travelogue-Destination: the Island of Menopause

If you are a woman ( or a man with ovaries), you’ll wake up one morning, answer the ringing clue phone and be told you’ve won a marvelous trip. A land and cruise tour to the island of Menopause. Oh, … Continue reading

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What’s up with that? A Morning Ramble through the Brain Bramble

What’s up with ketchup and mustard?   No matter how much I shake them, when I open  and squeeze….out comes that liquid sploosh that isn’t quite ketchup or mustard. Is that liquid hanging on for dear life up in the … Continue reading

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Holey-er than Thou

This post has nothing to do with my piety.   Though in a round-a-belly way it might have something to do with my pie eating. Every single shirt, t-shirt or top I have develops mysterious holes in the front.   … Continue reading

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Customer Service Nightmares

Ahhh……customer service. If we’re lucky we deal with someone on a local level who knows us and cares. Most of us aren’t that lucky.   Most of us have at least one nightmare customer service story. If we deal with … Continue reading

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Finding my Real Voice

Yesterday I spent hours working on a post about becoming “Real”.       I wrote, I edited, I rewrote and edited some more.     Each time I’d save a draft I just wasn’t satisfied.   Though the post … Continue reading

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WTF? 17 Surprises my body has in store for me at 50?

Reading Facebook and up pops this nifty little Purple Clover post. Just in case you missed it, let me list them for you because I’m sure you need to know this.  Apparently, I’ve had all of these for 10 years. … Continue reading

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Delbert Donkey- Cynical Adult Version

Delbert Donkey was a pessimistic ass. If the day was sunny, he’d hee-haw that it would surely rain. One day the rains came and flooded out the barnyard.   Delbert climbed high on some hay bales in the barn and … Continue reading

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Delbert Donkey sees the Sunny Side- A Barnyard Fable

Delbert the miniature donkey lived on a beautiful farm with many other animals. Delbert had it made, he got all the feed he needed, had a stall all to himself and the loving attention of the children who lived on the … Continue reading

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