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Looking Forward: The RV Series

Yes. The RV Series. As in, we bought one.    A big(for us )  honking (honking, it has air horns….what fun!) bus type. Big is relative in the RV world and this one isn’t huge.  It is only 36 feet … Continue reading

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Spring in Fits and Starts. Upstate New York

Spring has sprung in other places. In posted pictures of happy faces turned to the sun. Happily searching out green shoots, blooming trees gentle spring rain, light breeze. Here we had spring fits and starts. A few days, a glimpse … Continue reading

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Brain Thaw

Brain Freeze. You know, when you drink something really cold and everything in your head freezes? ( Also known as nerve pain of the sphenopalatine ganglion , but really what nerd says that? My apologies to anyone who does and … Continue reading

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