Looking Forward: The RV Series

Yes. The RV Series.

As in, we bought one.    A big(for us )  honking (honking, it has air horns….what fun!) bus type.

Big is relative in the RV world and this one isn’t huge.  It is only 36 feet long, really a gherkin in a world of giant dills.

big black bus beep beep

We are in serious “plan for retirement” mode.   In three years (or less depending on just how much work frustration the next three years brings) we will pack up our desks for the last time and head home. A thought both scary  and exhilarating.

Dave has been ready for some time to scale back and down-size our life. It took me longer to get my mind wrapped around the change but I believe I am there now.

Down-size. In our case meaning “get rid of all that crap you’ve accumulated in the last 41 years”and “stop holding on to the things you thought mattered but really don’t”.  A huge job that will probably take the next three years.  Sell the too large for two people house and learn to live in something smaller.

We don’t know where we’d like to live after retirement but we know where we don’t want to live full time.  After 15 years of harsh winters and harsher taxes, we don’t want to live in upstate New York.

We can finally see the end of this part of the journey.

But let’s talk about the RV.     Dave has always been the camping type. He doesn’t mind sleeping in a tent, peeing on a tree and generally roughing it.


I like a bed and a bathroom. Compromise for us is an RV.

The bonus is that in the next 3 years we can travel and decide where we want to live full time. After we retire we can travel to see the family we have scattered all over the United States. We can travel with the 3 dogs. We can go where and when we want.

My adult children swear they can’t see me in an RV .  Dave calls me The Princess and The Pea.   I have no earthly idea why.   No, really I don’t (fine, I’ll write more about that later on) .   I believe the joke is that if something would happen to Dave while we were on the road that the boys would have to mount a rescue operation for their mother.

I’m going to show them. I’m going to learn to drive the thing. Really how hard can it be to drive? It is just 5 times longer than a car. I’ll just use those air horns to let everyone know to get the hell out of my way.

My plan is to blog the RV experience in words and pictures.  Two adults and three dogs hurtling down the road in a house on wheels.   What could possibly go wrong?

Stay tuned. First major trip coming up in June. We’ll spend a month in California waiting on the birth of our first granddaughter.

How do you spell the sound an air horn makes?   Beep?  Honk?  Ahhoooogahhhhh?

I’ll let you know.

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2 Responses to Looking Forward: The RV Series

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    You got the right attitude girl!!! That’s what RV-ing takes. I wish you well in getting rid of “stuff” Kathleen told me to take pictures of that sort of “stuff” and then let it go… “Let it go”? I should write a song about that…. I love you…

  2. alittletea3 says:

    In high school a girlfriend and I took her grandparents’ RV out for an unsanctioned walkabout while everybody was at dinner. It was not that hard for even two 16-y-o-just-got-licensed girls to drive, but our parking job on returning is what ultimately betrayed us. Oh, and people generally will get the hell out of your way. Sure hope you put a hula dancer on the dash.

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