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Riding a Unicorn to Utopia

At times, I get frustrated with the condition of our world. There are days when I find it hard to believe that anything could change, and I get overwhelmed with the sadness, the dis-ease, the apathy, the nastiness, and the … Continue reading

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Where have all the humans gone? Is civility dead?

*climbs on soapbox*  As one of the ugliest political races that I can ever remember continues to rage *out there* I’m left shaking my head in bewilderment. We are bombarded daily with televised and written media and we do have … Continue reading

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Then ( 1974) and Now ( 2016)

Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary.  I’ve been thinking about the differences between today and our wedding day all those years ago… Then– The night before our wedding we had bachelor and bachelorette parties.  We stayed up very late and … Continue reading

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To my son and daughter-in-law, unsolicited advice on parenting a teenager

My grandson will be thirteen next month.   He is a wonderful kid, and I have no doubt he will stay a wonderful kid.  However, most teenagers have at least some teenage type issues.   So to my son and … Continue reading

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A Letter to my Granddaughter on her First Birthday

Dear Sunny, Tomorrow you will be one year old.  I won’t be at your party, and that makes me sad, but I will see you in twenty-seven days when we come to California to spend a week. California and New York … Continue reading

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The RV Series 2016- First Trip-Play Ball!

The first trip is in the books for me, and though short, it was fun.   The last few days were spent just about 90 minutes down the road in Oneonta, New York.  Our grandson was playing in a baseball … Continue reading

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Jock the Dog on RV Travel

  Hey all, Jock the dog here. There has been way too much activity in my house the last few days.   Something is going on and I don’t like it one bit.    That big thing on wheels ( … Continue reading

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