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Good reasons not to name a fish- The Epilogue

A quick refresher:  Post one, eaten by a heron.  Post two, fruitful and multiplied.  Post three: Save the fish! Aquarium. Which brings us to the epilogue.  A sad ending for  Jimbob, Joe, Jerry, Jackie,  Jay and little Moe. This morning … Continue reading

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I dislike winter. Not for  any of the usual reasons.   Not for the bitter cold, snow, sleet, winds.   No. For Socks.    I dislike winter because of socks. Don’t get me wrong, I love socks.   Soft, warm,impossible … Continue reading

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The Narcissistic Driver- a semi-poetic rant

Listen up people and you will hear of drivers so bad that you should fear. The rules don’t apply to these license holders they run through red lights and pass on the shoulder. Speed limits mean nothing, nor yellow lines … Continue reading

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Good reasons not to name a fish-Part three

Good intentions. What is that saying?  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.   In my case it should be the road to and from Eddies Aquarium Supply store. Remember the pond fish?  In our first story most of … Continue reading

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