The Narcissistic Driver- a semi-poetic rant


Listen up people and you will hear

of drivers so bad that you should fear.

The rules don’t apply to these license holders

they run through red lights and pass on the shoulder.

Speed limits mean nothing, nor yellow lines

they talk and they text and say its just fine.

It is never their fault if something goes wrong

they honk and they swear and can’t get along.

They flip you the bird if you’re in the way

these idiots believe driving is play.

They make me so mad, they cause me such rage

These asses belong in a locked steel cage.

Responsible drivers need to beware

Narcissistic drivers are now everywhere.


About this ranting poem:    Once again I had a driver run a red light when my light had turned green.    Every.  Single. Day.    One of the definitions of narcissist is “an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others”.   In other words ” no rules apply to these very important humans” .    Apparently they are taking over the world or at least the roads here in upstate New York.






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