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The RV Series- On Blessings in Disguise

As I type this, we are supposed to be motoring our way east. We had plans to drop the coach in Indiana for some warranty work on the 19th and then drive on to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving and a little … Continue reading

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Insomnia and Me- A Weedy Ramble

We moved to Nevada to escape the highs of New York state, namely taxes and snow.
We didn’t know when we moved that Nevada was high too. Continue reading

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Another tale of Frustrating Coostemer Serbits

The call started well enough. “Tank you for calling Cheese Bank Coostemer Serbits.” Ok, not really great but I knew who I was calling. Chase Bank. Whose customer service obviously isn’t in the heartland of America. I carefully explained what … Continue reading

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A Tidy Bundle of Grief and the Ermine Button

In June, just as we were starting our full-time RV life and journey across the country, my mother died. I wasn’t there. Because mom had been adamant that there be no formal funeral service, my sister and I  decided we’d … Continue reading

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The RV Series-The Short Straw

Due to predicted high winds, we left Las Vegas a day early because nobody wants to be driving their house over the Cajon pass in 60 mph winds. The early departure meant we would have to accept whatever site was … Continue reading

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Las Vegas- Tragedy Hits Close to Home

  A little after 10 pm on Sunday, October the 1st, the city of Las Vegas Nevada was added to the sorrowful list of locations where horrific mass shootings had taken place when a madman with automatic weapons opened fire on … Continue reading

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Becoming a Vegan

No, not VEE-gan.  I did not give up meat, dairy or other animal products. I like a good steak way too much. On Monday I officially became a Las VAY-gan when I went to the DMV, turned in my New York … Continue reading

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Love, Loyalty and Old Dogs

I was reminded recently of the meaning of the word loyalty.   The concept of being true to your friends or standing firm in your support for someone or something.   I’m not sure there is anything more important in … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Living- Debunking a Myth-You Can’t Sweat Your Ass Off

How many times have you heard someone say “Holy hell!  It’s so hot I’m sweating my ass off!”? I was counting on this. In fact, this particular statement was the only thing that made me happy about spending some of … Continue reading

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The RV Series-The Grass is Always Greener Under the Sewer Hose or Let’s Talk S**t.

Cousin Eddie (of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)  stands proudly on our dashboard, the patron saint of our RV world. He serves to remind us that there is one big reality when you full-time in an RV; The black tank gets full, … Continue reading

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