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On Poaching a Pooch

Don’t panic. I’m not creeping into a neighbors yard and snatching a Shih Tzu or climbing a fence for a Frenchie. I’m planning to steal a dog that already lives in my home. Daves dog Dallas, the border collie/golden retriever mix who … Continue reading

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Catching up- Fever Christmas, Not My Dog and 2018?

WordPress keeps reminding me that I haven’t written anything for over a month.  I feel a little like the absent student who needs to turn in a months worth of homework I haven’t done. We all have those less than … Continue reading

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Love, Loyalty and Old Dogs

I was reminded recently of the meaning of the word loyalty.   The concept of being true to your friends or standing firm in your support for someone or something.   I’m not sure there is anything more important in … Continue reading

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The RV Series-A Grand Canyon

Today, Canyon Dave, the dogs and I, along with about sixty-five thousand* other sonsabitches went to the Grand Canyon. We didn’t intend to visit the canyon on this trip, we started out to explore Bill Williams Mountain but found the … Continue reading

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The RV Series- From the Cactus to the Pines

It was over 100 degrees yesterday when we pulled in to the Eagle View RV Resort in Fort McDowell. Poor Sweaty Dave had to unhook the jeep and connect the utilities in the beating sun.  A rain storm around 5 … Continue reading

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Retirement Journal-Adventures in House Selling-Drooling Dogs and Smoke Signals from Heaven.

When I was a little girl, cigarette smoking was the norm, and my daddy would entertain me by blowing smoke rings. He was so good at smoke rings; it’s one of my fondest memories. I have been flooded with memories … Continue reading

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The Story of Jock-The Red Thread

In March of 2010, Jock and Tara came into our lives as “senior” dogs.   Jock was nine, and Tara was seven. After our Chesapeake Bay Retriever died,  we decided that a Border Collie would be our next dog. We … Continue reading

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