The RV Series-The Big Trip-Days 4, 5, and 6. Dogs, Donuts and Friends.

Day four dawned in Amarillo Texas where we were parked in a large gravel lot with what felt like 2 zillion other motorhomes.   Close quarters for sure and a little too peopley for me but it was just one night, and I survived.   We pulled out around 7:30 am and headed for Tulsa Oklahoma.

This trip has been filled with wind and rain, and the drive to Tulsa was no different.  Driving 48000 lbs and pulling a Jeep Cherokee in the wind and rain means a little bit of a slower drive.   We crossed the Oklahoma state line and made our way northeast of Tulsa arriving at The Will Rogers Downs KOA, our campground for the next two days, just about 3 pm.  I didn’t take any pictures at the campground because…..wind…and rain and soggy muddy ground.


Wednesday, day five of the road trip was a day of rest and play and the best day.   We headed out to meet a good friend who happens to own Pooches a great dog daycare, boarding, and pet retail business.   She offered to keep Dallas for a few hours while Dave and I did some exploring.  Much to Dallas dismay and my olfactory delight there was also a bath involved.


Photo ( and bath)Credit-Nancy Gallimore


Photo Credit-Nancy Gallimore


While Dallas was getting his bath, Dave and I headed off to see some of the fun stuff Nancy recommended but first I got to meet this guy….Kainan the wolf-dog who is beautiful, soft, huge and was high on the list of celebrities I’ve wanted to meet.  Truth be told, he was the only one on the list.   I may blow up this picture and hang it on my wall.

Our next stop was Hurts Donuts in downtown Tulsa.  I could barely contain my excitement when I saw that they had combined two of my loves, a donut, and PEEPS!


From Hurts, we drove a few blocks to “Center of the Universe” which is a neat sound phenomenon where you stand in the middle of this little brick circle, and when you speak, the sound is magnified to your ears.   No one outside the circle hears what you hear.   It was a little like the big ball of twine or The Corn Palace, and I loved it.

Our last stop took us to the Gilcrease Museum.   Thomas Gilcrease was an American oilman, art collector and philanthropist who during his lifetime collected more than 10000 artworks, 250000 Native American artifacts and 100000 rare books and documents.   Artsy Dave wanted to see the Remington bronzes and wasn’t disappointed as there are quite a few of them.

It was a great way to spend part of the day.

After picking up Dallas we headed back to soggy mudville with plans to meet Nancy and Jim for dinner later in the evening at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.    We really enjoyed their company and in the 15 minutes that “I had a margarita and I’m tired” Dave gave me to gamble, I won back the money I’d lost at the casino in New Mexico.  ( Probably a good thing I only had those 15 minutes or I would have put it back.  Don’t mention that to Dave)

Thanks Tulsa, Nancy, and Jim! Great city, great friends.

This morning, Big Trip day number six, we left around 8 am. We only had about 200 miles to drive but about half an hour into the trip, it started to rain and hasn’t stopped.


We reached the RV park in Phillipsburg Missouri at about 2:30 and found another soggy mud mess.   I’m not sure we’d pick this one again, but it will be fine for the night.  Our campsite is less than 50 yards from the I-44 freeway and noisy as heck but we’re level, have water and power and the door locks…..

Tomorrow we go to Terre Haute and the next day on into Nappanee Indiana where Monday we’ll leave Bella BOW for about three weeks for her annual checkup and some plastic surgery.

Stay tuned…



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2 Responses to The RV Series-The Big Trip-Days 4, 5, and 6. Dogs, Donuts and Friends.

  1. Patrick Cann says:

    Great stories, keep them coming.
    By the way we will be in Newport Beach on April 28 for a few days to visit J & N etc. Any chance you will be there?

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