The RV Series- The Big Trip-Day One, Two and Three

On Saturday morning, Driving Dave was in full Dervish mode, itching to get on the road but because I got up at 5 am, I had time for coffee which calmed my weeble wobbles.

We were on the road before 7.

Our destination was a 287-mile drive to Meteor Crater RV park just outside Winslow Arizona. After quite a few Dallas the Dog potty stops,  we arrived just after 2 pm.

Dave wanted to visit the Meteor Crater Natural Landmark which is 5 miles from the RV park so after quickly getting the power, water and sewer hooked up and the Jeep unhooked we headed that way.



The landmark includes a small museum and a BIG hole in the ground.   The crater was formed over 50000 years ago by a giant meteor traveling at 26000 miles per hour.  This particular crater is the first proven and best-preserved impact site on earth.

It is impressive to see and was worth the senior ( sometimes it’s good to be old)  price of $16 each.   The only issue was the high winds that kept us from going too far out on the observation decks.  Earlier in the day, they had clocked a 70 mph gust.  This was one time I was glad to be carrying a little extra bottom weight…I weebled and wobbled, but I did not fall down.


Travel day two began with the 5 am alarm and me wobbling to the coffee pot again. Sunday our trip would take us about 300 miles to the RT 66 RV Resort just outside Albuquerque New Mexico, but only a little way down I-40 from Meteor Crater is the north entrance to the Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert.   We took the time to drive the short loop and I’m glad we did.

You can see why they call it the Painted Desert.



We arrived at the Rt 66 RV Resort and CASINO around 3 pm.   I wasn’t aware there was a casino when we booked the overnight so was pleasantly surprised.   The RV Resort is very nice and within a short walk to the casino and restaurants.   We had dinner at the steakhouse, and then I deposited some money in their machines.  Dave turned his $5 of free play into $40 and spent the evening teasing me about what I loser I am.  I thought about smothering him in his sleep but realized I’d be stuck without a driver, so he lives to snark ( and drive ) another day.

With only 300 miles to drive on day three I thought we had decided to sleep in a little longer this morning but when I got up at 6:30 am, I could detect dervish vibes.   I made my coffee and managed to get dressed before Dave was racing around preparing to leave.  Our destination today was the Amarillo Ranch RV park in Amarillo Texas.   We’re here now, in a large gravel lot with approximately 2 ZILLION other people.    I’m going to hide behind my shades, catch up on laundry, make breakfast for dinner and try to get a good nights sleep.

Dallas is a traveling champ and great navigator so far.   In fact, he is doing just what I’d be doing in that passenger seat…..sleeping.


On to Tulsa tomorrow.  Stay tuned…..

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5 Responses to The RV Series- The Big Trip-Day One, Two and Three

  1. Beth Whitney says:

    Hi Kathy and Dave. It is great to hear about your trip. So sorry to hear about your four legged friend’s passing. Just thought you two should look on the Times Union web site. Dave will really love what he reads—finally. Hope they can make it stick. Really miss you guys.

    Beth and Fred, Aaron and Scott

    • kdewez says:

      Hi Beth! We miss you too. Hope you are all well and surviving the long winter. We will be back in the area sometime in June for a visit.
      I’ll tell Dave about the TU. 🙂

  2. Candace Starr says:

    Now you are doing tgexreally fun stuff. SO much to see. Have you been to Walnut Canyon yet? Have fun…I hear we may get to see you in June…hurray!

  3. Not only do I get to read your delightful writing, now I get to see your road trip too! Safe travels.

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