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Sixty-two, eyes of blue…

Did you hum or sing that title?  Did it leave you with an earworm? Did you want to dance the Charleston? Probably not if you are under the age of fifty ( or ninety if you are not at all … Continue reading

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Retirement Journal-My Funny Valentine

A marriage of long duration is supported by many things; Love, trust, forgiveness, tolerance, understanding and most important for us…humor. I’ve written before about the special humor that Funny Dave and I share.  Sarcasm and teasing really are the way … Continue reading

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Retirement Journal- A Conflict of Interest

We’re seven days into this retirement thing, and we have a conflict of interest.   Oh, not in the legal sense, no, I mean, here we are retired, and my interests are conflicting with his. He wants to go to … Continue reading

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The RV Series: BBOW waves Goodbye

Yes, I know the title is a little misleading because, of course, BBOW doesn’t have arms.  He can’t really wave, but he is blowing his air horn and racing his engine. Today is the day BBOW starts on his journey … Continue reading

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