Retirement Journal-My Funny Valentine


A marriage of long duration is supported by many things; Love, trust, forgiveness, tolerance, understanding and most important for us…humor.

I’ve written before about the special humor that Funny Dave and I share.  Sarcasm and teasing really are the way we show our love to each other.

Our exchange of Valentine cards is the perfect example.

Last week as I ran through Rite-Aid to pick up the lotions and potions we older people need, I passed the greeting cards and screeched to a halt. Because I’ve had no real daily schedule since we retired,  I’d almost forgotten that Valentine’s day was coming!

As I scanned the cards looking for “the one” and thinking how none of them were just perfect, I thought of the tradition my sister and brother in law have for holiday cards ( because wacky humor runs in the family).   They have a date day at Walgreens, read cards to each other and put them back.  Next holiday I’ll drag Dave to the card store with me.  That way, I can read him both a funny one and a nice one and won’t have to decide which one to buy.

With my chosen card and my itch cream in hand (lotions and potions remember?), I headed toward the register and noticed that while it was only the first week of February, there was already an aisle dedicated to EASTER candy.   Now, there is nothing Diabetic Dave loves more than a bag of good jelly beans, so I detoured down Easter Bunny Lane and picked one up.

Last night, after he went to bed, I signed his card and put it on the kitchen table atop his bag of jelly beans so he’d see it first thing this morning.



This morning as I weeble-wobbled my way into the kitchen he thanked me for his jelly beans.

I made my coffee and headed to my office where I saw this:


I laughed so hard my coffee sloshed out of the cup.    He had given me candy that was already in our cabinet.    I read the card ( which was lovely) and still laughing yelled out “Thanks for the sweet card and the USED candy.”   He took exception to the word “used,” stating that the candy had not been chewed so it could not be “used.”    I gave him that point.

There is nothing better than starting your day with a good belly laugh.  It makes the world brighter and sets the tone for the entire day.     This man, my funny Valentine, has made me laugh for 43 years, it is one of the best things about our relationship.

I was reminded this morning that we still have wonderful years ahead of us. We have all day every day to laugh and be together.   I’m going to remember what a great blessing that is when the togetherness rubs my introverted self the wrong way.

Happy Valentines Day to my funny man and thanks again for the…um…not used……but definitely old……candy.




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2 Responses to Retirement Journal-My Funny Valentine

  1. Vickie Grooms says:

    This sure made me smile when I read this!! Happy Valentines Day to both of you!!! And remember our jelly beans many many years ago!! Love you!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕

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