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The Insignificant Tree

Each Christmas my entry foyer holds a slim artificial Christmas tree.  I call it “the little tree.”   This tree stays decorated all year and is just moved to the basement when the season is over.   It is decorated … Continue reading

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I’m so HOT!

I know, we’ve talked about this before. I’m hot. Not sexy hot. Just HOT. Today, I went to get my nails done.   I picked the color by the number listed on the little nail polish chart. Number one, a … Continue reading

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The Nest is Empty Again.

In the world today, adult children sometimes have the need to move back in with Mom and Dad for a short time.    In years past,  each of our boys has done it.   A couple of months and then … Continue reading

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  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. ( Congress actually passed a law in 1941 making the last Thursday in November the legal Thanksgiving Day. Apparently they had nothing better to do then either) I haven’t cooked a Thanksgiving meal in several years … Continue reading

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Being that girl again? No thanks.

  This morning I read a sweet article on the Purple Clover website titled “The Girl My Husband Married” written by Lois Alter Mark. In the article, she talks about a long marriage, the early chemistry and how life, love, … Continue reading

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Necessity-The Mother of “Git Er Done”

Lately, I’ve read quite a few posts on procrastination.  It was as if the universe was saying “get busy Kathy!” because  I’ve been the queen of Procrastination Land in at least one area of my life. My home office has been … Continue reading

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We make choices every single day.    Little choices and big ones, some unconscious and others take concentrated effort. I get overwhelmed easily when faced with too many little choices. In a restaurant a multiple page menu can cause hyperventilation. … Continue reading

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Ho, Ho, No Escaping it

  Thanksgiving will be here in 9 days. The full court press for Christmas begins the day after Thanksgiving.   Christmas music on the radio, in stores, elevators.    Christmas decorations.   Christmas shopping and the daily reminder of exactly … Continue reading

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What’s a funny girl to do?

Yesterday my blog notified me that I hadn’t posted in five days. I want to write but what does a funny girl to do when life isn’t so funny? I was traveling home Friday night and spent the first  3 … Continue reading

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What’s Up With That?- Travel Edition- 11-9-15

My semi-regular ramble on things that pop into my head ( thought poppers ) and other things that struck me and caused me to scratch my head while I’ve been away on this trip. First a thought popper ……. The … Continue reading

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