The Insignificant Tree

Each Christmas my entry foyer holds a slim artificial Christmas tree.  I call it “the little tree.”   This tree stays decorated all year and is just moved to the basement when the season is over.   It is decorated in colors that compliment the rest of the house and has never held any meaning for me. It has always been just a decoration.

The real Christmas tree has been in the family room and decorated with the ornaments I’ve collected over the years.  The ones that mean something.    This tree takes a long time and effort to decorate each year.

This year, because we’ll be alone for Christmas, I decided to use just the little tree.    We put it in its usual spot, but I added some of my favorite ornaments.

These ornaments hold the spirit of Christmas for me.   As I unwrap them, I remember Christmas past.  I think of kids, grandkids, parents and grandparents.

As I stood back to look at the little tree that now holds my Christmas memories it seemed to shine brighter than in years past.  It reflected my happiness, my Christmas spirit.

The little tree had become significant.  The little tree had become family.

Significant Tree


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