The 4 Days of Un-Grinching

Read or sing to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”


On the Friday after Thanksgiving determined to Un-Grinch

I hung a festive swag on the door.


On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, still planning to Un-Grinch

I added a little something more.


On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Un-grinching underway

I decorated pretty much all day.


On the Monday after Thanksgiving, I had to go to work

The Grinch reared his ugly head, that jerk!


Determined to defeat him, I headed to a store

Shopping in the Christmas aisle for more.


Home and wrapping presents, singing Christmas songs

The Grinch rang the doorbell ” ding ding dong” .


There on the doorstep he’d left a little note

admitting  that I’d  found the antidote.


He said that Christmas spirit defeats him every time.

I smiled  from ear to ear and wrote this rhyme.


No Grinch















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