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Sliding into Home- 2015

    To use a baseball metaphor for the end of the year, today is the last runner sliding into home plate in the bottom of the ninth. The last day of the year always brings some personal introspection. These … Continue reading

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My Cousin the Banana

Facebook really is an amazing learning tool.  I learn something new almost every single day. Of course, we can’t believe everything we read and so I make sure to fact check.   I’m definitely looking forward to my free shares … Continue reading

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Isn’t it ironic?

We’ve had amazing weather so far this year.   I can’t remember ever having 70-degree temperatures on Christmas Eve day.   In fact, it hasn’t ever happened.   We set a record with that one. Because I’m not a winter … Continue reading

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The Grump Who Grappled New Years

Christmas 2015 is in the books. Over.  Done. Finished. I managed to get through the whole season and hold the Grinch at bay. The son of a bitch peered through the windows a couple of times.  Tried to sneak in … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol- Ramble in the Bramble Style

My sincere apologies to Charles Dickens for nabbing his three ghosts, to Dr. Seuss for stealing his Grinch and to Clement Moore for pilfering anything I may pilfer from him.     Sunday before Christmas and I feel a tad … Continue reading

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A Christmas Visit

The Christmas season, a happy time when friends and relatives visit each other and spread good cheer. We visited a good friend yesterday. BBoW is in his winter home, but I don’t think he is too happy about it, he … Continue reading

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Designer word storage or why I need something nice to keep “shit” in.

Finding the words, the right words, to string together to make a blog post is not always an easy thing for me to do.    I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I just don’t have the right word storage. … Continue reading

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But-heads and Body Snatchers, a re-do.

Upon review of my latest post, it seems that I may have been body-snatched by Preachy McPerfectson.  I’m so far from perfect that I’m the last person who should be preaching anything.   I’m sarcastic, a little biting, try to be … Continue reading

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“That’s Nice … BUT … ” – Dealing with Negativity ( “But”heads)

“But” A little conjunction that sometimes packs a big punch. Three letters that mean except for the fact or on the contrary or other hand. Three little letters that usually negate any words that came before them. A little word that is the … Continue reading

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Christmas Past- Holly-new-york!

    My post about “navers” got me thinking about kids and words and a Christmas memory of my oldest son as a little guy popped into my head. We were in church and the choir was singing the Hallelujah … Continue reading

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