Christmas Past- Holly-new-york!




My post about “navers” got me thinking about kids and words and a Christmas memory of my oldest son as a little guy popped into my head.

We were in church and the choir was singing the Hallelujah Chorus with the congregation singing along.   There beside me on the pew was little five-year-old Jason singing his heart out.

“For he sells rain for ebber and ebber, holly-new-york, holly -new-york!” 

Now I laugh out loud when I remember that sweet time. At the time, I probably leaned over and told him what the actual words were.  Looking back, I wish I had sung his words with him.

Looking back.   That hindsight thing. That wanting a do-over so we can do better.  I don’t spend a lot of time in the looking back place, but once in awhile, I do wish for a time machine.

This year, memories of Christmas past fill my head and heart.  I’ve been working hard to keep my inner grinch at bay and the memories of Christmas past help with that as well as living vicariously through the words of others as they tell about their Christmas preparations or their past Christmas celebrations.

This year, as Dave and I celebrate Christmas quietly, I think I just might break that quiet as I sing these words loud and strong:

For He Sells Rain for Ebber and Ebber! Holly-new-york, Holly new-york!

Holly-new-york and amen.


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