What’s Up With That?- Holiday Edition

Here is my list of shoulder shrugging, eye rolling ponderings about the holidays.

What’s up with scary looking mall Santa’s?

Creepy Santa Crop

I’m an adult, and I’d cry if you sat me on this guy’s lap.

Ho, Ho, NO!

Now this guy is a Santa!

Sunny and Santa

Notice the adorable child is not crying. Just waving as if she is saying  “Here I am Mom, I told this guy what I want, which was for you to come get me now”   (The adorable child is my granddaughter.)

Ho, Ho, Ho.  I love you, you wonderful, perfect real bearded Santa who doesn’t look sweaty or the least bit psychotic.

And speaking of sweaty and psychotic…

What’s up with the holiday post office?    At this time of year, it is very busy.  Long lines of people waiting to mail packages, buy stamps…..post office type things you do at the holidays.   What hasn’t changed is the number of unhappy people working behind the counter (two).    I’m thinking of writing a new  Christmas book titled “How the Grinch staffed the Post Office”.   I’m the one who gets sweaty and a little psychotic waiting in line for an hour just to hear:

“Next in line, hurry it up.  Priority mail?  That will be $447, and it will be there January 3rd.   Time for my break. Ho.”

Speaking of Grinches, what’s up with Christmas Crappers?

Like the season or don’t. I don’t care. Celebrate as little or as much as you like,  celebrate the religious reason for the season, celebrate because you like the lights, the gifts, the whatever or choose not to celebrate, I don’t care.   What I do care about is that you not crap on another’s reason for celebrating…or not celebrating.  To each his own.   Don’t make me ask Santa to take a giant Christmas poop in your stocking ( and if you aren’t hanging one, I’d check my shoe if I were you).

Ho Ho Humbug.

And that brings me to the end of my list.   The more I look at that first photo, the more I think I’ve seen that Santa before.

I’m pretty sure it was on the wall at the post office.

Happy Holidays everyone.  Whether you choose to celebrate or not,  I wish you peace, happiness, and some really good laughs.





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