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Jock the Dog – There’s THUNDER in my house!

Hey everyone, Jock the dog here.  I’m exhausted.  I can’t sleep because it is THUNDERING in my house. Oh, she says it is called “coughing” but she can’t fool me.  Thunder is coming out of her face. The noise that … Continue reading

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Fever Dreams

I picked up a souvenir when we were in Californa, carried it with me to Las Vegas and home to New York yesterday. You might be thinking I bought a beachy looking snow globe,  a pen in the shape of … Continue reading

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Together is a Wonderful Place to Be

This picture hanging in our rental unit perfectly expresses how I feel about the past week.   Dave and I, along with our oldest son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons have been visiting our youngest son and his family in Newport … Continue reading

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The Recipe Box

  As I pulled the old metal box from the cabinet,  I once again chided myself for the disorganized mess of recipes stuffed inside.  In thinking about our retirement and downsizing, I have had the best intention to sort, re-type … Continue reading

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Jock the Dog-On the 4th of July

Hey all, Jock the Dog here. I’m writing to you from the closet because every single year at this time the humans make loud scary noises for three or four days. Boom! Bang! Crack-Crack-Crack! I’m not sure what they are … Continue reading

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