Jock the Dog – There’s THUNDER in my house!

Hey everyone, Jock the dog here.  I’m exhausted.  I can’t sleep because it is THUNDERING in my house.

Oh, she says it is called “coughing” but she can’t fool me.  Thunder is coming out of her face. The noise that comes from her makes me jump just like I do when it storms outside.   Every night just as I get settled in my bed she thunders and I get scared.   I run around trying to get away but there is no place to go.   Then it gets quiet and I lay back down. Suddenly, thunder again !!

She has been thundering since she came home with her big blue duffle bag.  I’m sure it is that bags fault.  That bag is bad.

Also, I’m worried she has been possessed by an evil goose because she is making a honking sound out of her nose.  The garbage can by the bed is filled with those fluffy white treats Tara likes to steal.

She yells a lot too.  “Lay down, leave it!”    Geez.   If she wants us to lay down and leave it she needs to stop honking and thundering and passing out those tissue things.

Last night I heard her tell our other person she is taking something called anti-bi-otics. I think that might be a pill but I’m not sure because she didn’t need cheese to take it.  Whatever it is I hope it stops the thunder.

Anyway, she is at work now so I’m going to go lay down in my nice quiet bed and sleep while I can.   I’m pretty sure more storms are forecast for later on.


Jock, a very tired dog. dog paw print

P.S.   Dallas is still an a*hole.    I hope he gets thundered.




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1 Response to Jock the Dog – There’s THUNDER in my house!

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    Jock, I’m sorry her “thunder” is keeping you awake. You need your rest to be able to keep guard during the day while your person goes out into the world. This “thunder” won’t last long and your life will be back to normal. Hang in there ye valiant soul. Auntie Joyce loves you all…..

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