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Jock the Dog with a question on medical terminology

Hi all, Jock the dog here. I want to ask about medical terminology and see if anyone can help me understand what is wrong with my person. Do any of you know what “a f’ing pain in the ass” is? … Continue reading

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On appreciating what we have when we have it

I woke up this morning missing my mom. Physically she is still with us, but dementia has stolen her mind.  She can no longer carry on a conversation.   I miss our telephone calls. Living all the way across the … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion usually defined as ” the ignition of organic matter without apparent cause, typically through heat generated internally” but for the purpose of this post we’re going to define it just a little differently. Spontaneous Combustion ( Kathy style)- … Continue reading

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The Return of Huffy McGloom

She’s back. Sometime within the last two weeks, Huffy McGloom moved into my home. She crept in almost unnoticed and began wreaking havoc on my life.   Huffy has no patience; she is irritable and erratic.  She sighs and snorts, … Continue reading

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How do I get out of the woods? Don’t ask Siri.

This past weekend I spent a couple of very nice days on a creative retreat with some lovely people. We stayed in a cabin on top of a little hill surrounded by beautiful woods.   There were hiking trails, lakes, … Continue reading

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Raven Lunatic. Yes, I’m packing

I’m going away for the weekend. Just a short drive up the road and only for two nights. For that length of time, I *should* be able to grab a tiny little bag and throw a few things in, right? Ha! … Continue reading

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