Jock the Dog with a question on medical terminology

Hi all, Jock the dog here.

I want to ask about medical terminology and see if anyone can help me understand what is wrong with my person.

Do any of you know what “a f’ing pain in the ass” is?  I’m pretty sure it’s a medical condition, and my person must have this thing because she mentions it every day.

Sometimes she complains about it when she is in the kitchen and other times when she is talking on the phone.   I’m not sure, but I guess those things must hurt. Sometimes she’ll say “that’s a f’ing pain in the ass” or “you’re a f’ing pain in the ass” (usually when Dallas is bugging her, that a*hole).

I sure hope I never get a f’ing pain in the ass.   I’m pretty old, and I already have lots of medical issues.  I don’t want another one.

I’m going to lay down now, but I wanted to warn you all about this just in case you are a f’ing pain in the ass waiting to happen.   Maybe you should stay out of the kitchen, off the phone, and away from Dallas just in case.


Jock the Dog     dog paw print

A good boy who never swears



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