Jock the Dog-On the 4th of July

Hey all, Jock the Dog here.

I’m writing to you from the closet because every single year at this time the humans make loud scary noises for three or four days. Boom! Bang! Crack-Crack-Crack! I’m not sure what they are celebrating, but it must have something to do with seeing how many eardrums they can burst. Is there a holiday for that?

I mean really, who thought this was a good idea? I thought humans were supposed to be intelligent but they can’t be too smart because besides making a lot of loud scary noise, they light explosives and just stand there or they hold sticks with sparks flying out of them.

No dog would ever do that. So you tell me … who is smarter?

The noises make Tarra and me nervous. They bother Dallas too, but I don’t really care about that a**hole because among other things he steals my stuff. My toys, my balls and even my pee spots. Sometimes he doesn’t even wait until I move, just starts peeing right on me.  Jerk. So,no, I don’t care if he gets nervous.  It makes me nervous when I see him headed toward me in the yard.

Anyway, I guess I’ll say happy burst your eardrum day to the humans. Please try to keep the crazy booming to a minimum and don’t get too close to the explosives.

To my dog friends- woof, woof, howl, woof. ( Translation- you can’t live with ’em, you can’t live without ’em. Put on your thunder shirts and hide in the closet.)


Jock the Dog dog paw print

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2 Responses to Jock the Dog-On the 4th of July

  1. Jock,
    I’m terrified of these loud noises, too!
    Who thought sending little humans out
    with explosives was a good idea?
    But! Here in our new town it is against
    the law and they actually enforce it!
    Can you believe it?! Some humans aren’t so bad! So, if you want to high tail it to New Brainfels, Texass, you are
    more than welcome!
    Jillie the Dalmatian

  2. Oh Jock, how I’ve missed you. Humans are indeed a crazy bunch.

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