Riding a Unicorn to Utopia

At times, I get frustrated with the condition of our world. There are days when I find it hard to believe that anything could change, and I get overwhelmed with the sadness, the dis-ease, the apathy, the nastiness, and the dishonesty *out there*. I begin to believe that being able to affect real change would be akin to….riding a unicorn to Utopia. 

In other words, finding a mythical animal and riding it to an imaginary place of perfection, both complete impossibilities (though the jury may still be out on unicorns).

But somehow, when I’m at the lowest point in my belief, and the word impossibilities is playing in a depressing loop in my head, something always happens. A little spark of positive zaps the “Im” right off that word and changes it into possibilities. ( I always imagine that spark looking like Marvin the Martian because … well … ray gun.)

Possibilities is a much better word, a hopeful word, a word that according to Webster means having the abilities or qualities that could make someone or something better in the future.


Qualities like love, kindness, and empathy or the ability to see beyond ourselves and believe that we can each make a difference. A difference in one person’s life, a difference locally, and a difference in our interactions on social media.

What would happen if we said something nice to someone every day? What if we volunteered in our communities? What if, instead of responding with anger to something we read we simply ignore it and let our actions speak? What if we each do something positive every single day?

What if our actions start a ripple effect? What if one small act of kindness, love or empathy brings about another and on and on in that whole pay it forward idea?

What if we really can affect real change?

There may be no Utopia as a destination, but there is a path that leads in that direction, and you don’t need to ride a unicorn. You just need to take small steps on that path every day. Be kind. Show love and empathy. Be positive. Make a difference. Believe.

Believe in possibilities, even if you don’t believe in unicorns .  I have to admit, I’m pretty sure I believe in both.


believe in unicorns






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