A Christmas Carol- Ramble in the Bramble Style

My sincere apologies to Charles Dickens for nabbing his three ghosts, to Dr. Seuss for stealing his Grinch and to Clement Moore for pilfering anything I may pilfer from him.




Sunday before Christmas and I feel a tad hazy.

After all, it’s a weekend, and I’m really quite lazy.

Dave’s upstairs painting, getting the house ready to sell,

I’m in my jammies typing away for a spell.

I’m putting down words about a dream that I had,

A dream that was good and not at all bad.

In the middle of the night, I sat up in bed

and in the chest mirror,

I saw a Grinch-head.

I started with fright and got ready to flee;

the Grinch wasn’t in the mirror,  the Grinch was in me!

Before I could run, the Grinch spoke and said,

“I’ve brought you three things so just stay in bed!”

At the foot of the bed stood a cute little boy.

I knew him from the past, he had brought me such joy

He spoke, and he said,

“I’m Christmas Past, here to help you remember that happiness lasts.”

He showed me scenes of happy times past, and I felt my grinch heart start to beat really fast.

As quick as he came and poof he was vapor.

In his place was a box, all wrapped in bright paper.

I asked what it was, it replied: “Well duh!, Christmas Present”.

I giggled a little as I read the small tag: “I’ll be pleasant, just open and try not to lag.”

As I opened the box, the room started reeling,

with light and with song and a whole lot of feeling.

There was wistful, there was sad, there was joyful and glad, there was stressful and blessed and happy and mad.

 I asked Christmas Present just what I should feel, and it said, 

“It’s your choice, you can feel what you will.”   

Right then my grinch heart decided to choose

to feel happy and thankful.  I had nothing to lose!


The light went to black, the air started to hum, and I cried out “what’s happening?”

It was “Christmas To Come.”

And then as if magic the walls started to show,

pictures of things only the future could know.

Little children were sitting on grandparents knee, a happy couple traveling, all these kids they would see.

The Grinch started smiling, happy tears began to flow,

in a flash the Grinch head, it started to glow.

The room was lit up by the glow oh so bright,

and in the chest mirror,  a happier sight.

The Grinch head was gone, and in its place, there was me, with a smile on my face for the whole world to see.

This morning I woke up feeling oh so refreshed, and I whispered “Happy Christmas” under my breath.

I now know that I choose how to feel at this time, and I’m really quite thankful for the Grinches remind.

And so I exclaim as I end this long post,

Happy Christmas to all from me and the ghosts!








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