A Christmas Visit

The Christmas season, a happy time when friends and relatives visit each other and spread good cheer.

We visited a good friend yesterday.

BBoW Storage

BBoW is in his winter home, but I don’t think he is too happy about it, he didn’t seem to have any good cheer at all.

I was sure he would be thrilled to see us, and we’d hear his engine purr.

I was wrong.   He is mad about being cooped up in that garage and decided to let us know about it by not starting.

I think I heard him chuckle a little, though.   Apparently being cooped up in a tiny garage has made BBoW a little passive aggressive.

I told him not to cut off his nose to spite his face and that if he doesn’t start, he’ll never get out of there.

He asked Santa for a trickle charger.    I’m pretty sure he’ll get it.

As we drove away, I heard him say “Hmmph!  I don’t even have a nose Red!”

Watch it buddy, you’ll end up on the naughty list.

Merry Christmas from GBBoW (Grumpy Big Box on Wheels), Driving Dave and the Redhead.


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