Isn’t it ironic?

We’ve had amazing weather so far this year.   I can’t remember ever having 70-degree temperatures on Christmas Eve day.   In fact, it hasn’t ever happened.   We set a record with that one.

Because I’m not a winter loving type, I’ve appreciated every single minute of the warm weather gift knowing that it probably wouldn’t last.

Tonight we have our first winter storm warning.   Snow is predicted with freezing rain tomorrow.   A pretty nasty mess if the forecast is correct.

Right now, the temperature outside is 29 degrees with a biting wind.  I stopped to get the mail on my way up the driveway and look what I found…

Talbots Summer Swim Suits

Everything I need to make a splash  OR freeze my ass off trying to chop through the ice on the pool so I can “Dive In”.

Just when I’ve resigned myself to winter finally being here, the catalog gods say, “look what you’re missing!”.

It’s ok.  I’m going to put on long underwear, a furry hat, gloves and UGG boots and then put my bathing suit on top of all that.

I’m not missing anything.

After I get changed, I need to get out to the grocery for the usual storm supplies: Bread, Milk, Beer, Toilet Paper, Wine, Duct Tape…… know, staples.

Look for me on “The People of Walmart” website.   Eh, on second thought, I’ll probably just blend in.

Happy winter everyone.




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