But-heads and Body Snatchers, a re-do.


Upon review of my latest post, it seems that I may have been body-snatched by Preachy McPerfectson.  I’m so far from perfect that I’m the last person who should be preaching anything.   I’m sarcastic, a little biting, try to be humorous and you didn’t hear it from me but once upon a time, I might have been a “but”-head myself.  Like a reformed smoker, a reformed but-head can be a little overbearing.

So here is the post I should have written:

The world is full of “but”-heads.  These are the people who tell you “hey you look nice today, but maybe you should have worn brown shoes instead of black” or “I really love this weather, but I know it won’t last” or “You don’t sweat much for a fat person, but you kind of stink”

These are the Negative Nellies and Negative Neils of the world.     They don’t see the glass half empty or half full, they see the glass and are convinced it is holding doomsday juice.

Like Chicken Little , who was convinced the sky was falling when it was only an acorn hitting her head,  Negative Nellie and Neil can take a piece of information and make an entire horrifying news story out of it.

So what do we do with these “but”-heads?    Telling them to look on the bright side is met with “I am, but…THE SKY IS FALLING!”.

There isn’t much we can do except make sure we don’t drink that glass of doomsday juice and continue to see our glass as half full of positive passion juice.

When a negative person finally gets tired of seeing the bad, the sad and the scary all the time they change.    I did.

The sky isn’t falling Chicken Little.  Even if it were, I’ve decided I’d rather spend my last few minutes on earth thinking about how beautiful it looks as it falls around me.

Signed, Reformed But-head and current positive (though sarcastic) person




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