Sliding into Home- 2015



Baseball diamondTo use a baseball metaphor for the end of the year, today is the last runner sliding into home plate in the bottom of the ninth.

The last day of the year always brings some personal introspection. These are my thoughts as we slide into the home plate of 2015.

It was a year full of blessings on a personal level. We were both healthy,  we took a month-long RV trip, visited with our kids and grandkids, and our first granddaughter was born.

I discovered I love writing, especially humor writing, and with each blog piece, I gained a little more confidence.   I still have a long way to go and have much to learn, but I have a desire to do something with this writing thing after I retire.

(I can hear you thinking “when are you going to get to the funny part?”)

Okay, here it is.    Life is the funny part.

Every single day something happens that is ironic or silly or just down right laugh out loud hilarious.    Being able to recognize it requires wearing those humor goggles I’ve talked about before.  We have to adopt a bit of a slanted perspective on everyday life.


We need to do this because life holds a lot of sad.  Bad things happen to people every day and the world can be a very frightening place.  If we can’t find a bit of funny in each day, those things can become our focus and drag us down the rabbit hole of depression.  A little laughter is like a pressure release valve, it just makes us feel better.

I don’t want to be dragged down that hole.   Instead, this year I’m hoping to skip around the bases, laughing like a mad woman and slide into home base of 2016 yelling “Holy Shit! What a year!”.

Chicken Little

I wish you all a year of skipping around the bases, a little laughter each day and a wild slide into home base of 2016.

Happy New Year.

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2 Responses to Sliding into Home- 2015

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    Well done sister mine! I’m off and running toward 1st base…line drive……….. shoot. OUT! I’ll be back up to base soon…

  2. Thank you for the laughs and inspiration.

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