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What’s Up With That?- Holiday Edition

Here is my list of shoulder shrugging, eye rolling ponderings about the holidays. What’s up with scary looking mall Santa’s? I’m an adult, and I’d cry if you sat me on this guy’s lap. Ho, Ho, NO! Now this guy … Continue reading

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Navers or Why I need 40 Acres ( and maybe a jackass)

“Gramma do you have navers?” This is the question my then four-year-old grandson asked me one day. I stopped and wondered what in the world a “naver” was.   If I had one where would it be?  Was  I wearing … Continue reading

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A Fashion Don’t- Backassward makeup,dirty hair and ugly shoes

I haven’t read a Glamour magazine in years, but they once had pictures on their last page showing women dressed in fashion DON’Ts.   The don’ts always had that lovely black bar across their eyes as if that would keep … Continue reading

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December 10,1973 to December 10,2015

Forty-two years ago today I went on a date with a guy. Kind of.   I wasn’t sure I should go, but I did. Forty-two years later I’m still dating that same guy. Kind of.   I married him. I … Continue reading

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  Sometimes The smiles fade The platitudes peter out and I want to sit quietly in the dark Alone.   To recharge Feeling the same as I do when plugging my  completely dead phone into an outlet Hoping the battery … Continue reading

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Holiday Decorating as Seen Through the Eyes of an Old Dog

Hi everyone, it’s me, Jock the dog. I had a birthday in November so now I’m 14 years old.  I probably told you that before. I don’t see or hear very well and some days my memory isn’t so good … Continue reading

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Unnecessary ellipsis or how I got a psychic grammar checker for $68

  Last week I upgraded my Grammarly account to “Premium” status. I couldn’t help myself;  they had a black Friday sale, and I couldn’t resist. I was just reading the weekly report they send by email.  I call it the “YOUR … Continue reading

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The 4 Days of Un-Grinching

Read or sing to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”   On the Friday after Thanksgiving determined to Un-Grinch I hung a festive swag on the door.   On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, still planning to Un-Grinch I … Continue reading

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