Holiday Decorating as Seen Through the Eyes of an Old Dog

Jock Thunderstorm

Hi everyone, it’s me, Jock the dog. I had a birthday in November so now I’m 14 years old.  I probably told you that before. I don’t see or hear very well and some days my memory isn’t so good either.

My person spent last week dragging boxes and large green things up from the basement.  I never go in the basement because there are too many steps but she sure brought a lot of stuff out of there.  She said she was decorating for the “holiday”.

There was a lot of banging , slamming and some off-key singing  as she put things in their places.  If I could hear better I’m sure it would have hurt my ears.  The other dogs stayed pretty far away.

The problem is those things  she put out are in my way and sometimes I forget they are there.   Like the big green thing with the shiny stuff on it.   It tries to get me every time I walk by it.  It sticks up by the stairs so I have to stay close to the wall when I go up and down.   As if I don’t already have enough issues with the stairs.

Those things she calls “Santa” sitting by the green thing scare me.     She says “Santa” is going to bring gifts and he is from the North Pole.  I guess that is what she calls the basement.   I just want him to go back to the North Pole.   I try to run by as fast as I can so he doesn’t bite me.

Significant Tree I’m not sure what this thing called a holiday is but obviously it means that things get moved around in my house and I don’t like it one bit!

She also has the room with the big table filled with boxes and wrapping paper.   I like to lay under the table on the soft rug but those things are in there.  I don’t know if they will get me or not so I just stay away.    I miss my rug.

I’m not sure when this holiday is coming but I sure hope it is soon.    I want my house back.

But I do hope that Santa brings me a cookie from the North Pole.   If he does maybe I’ll get brave enough to go down there and look for more.


Jock the Dog.


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1 Response to Holiday Decorating as Seen Through the Eyes of an Old Dog

  1. Love it! At our house the dogs want to know why we put a tree up on the table and then spray it with something called bitter apple and yell at the cats to stay away from it.

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