December 10,1973 to December 10,2015

Forty-two years ago today I went on a date with a guy.

Kind of.   I wasn’t sure I should go, but I did.

Forty-two years later I’m still dating that same guy.

Kind of.   I married him.

I won’t say that our date all those years ago was without complications because it wasn’t.

I won’t say that the forty-two years since have been  absolutely perfect because they haven’t. ( What long term relationship is?)

I will say that I’ve never regretted going on that date.   I’ve never regretted marrying that guy the following June, raising a family with him or building a business with him.  Now I’m looking forward to retirement with him.

That guy is the love of my life.




Dave and Kathy Wedding Day

June 22, 1974



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