What’s a funny girl to do?

Paris Peace Sign

Yesterday my blog notified me that I hadn’t posted in five days.

I want to write but what does a funny girl to do when life isn’t so funny?

I was traveling home Friday night and spent the first  3 hours of the flight watching  and laughing at one of my favorite funny movies.

Afterward I watched the news and learned of the attacks in Paris.

I felt the blood drain from my face when the news anchor described the scene and I felt the too familiar fear rise.

Yesterday I watched as the Facebook world changed their profile pictures to blue, white and red in solidarity with France.   I read each post on my Facebook wall and on my groups.  Some words reflected confusion or anger and others were words of hope that unity and love would be the answer. I nodded in agreement with each post.   I am angry.   I am confused.   I want to feel hope for a better world.

I opened my blog to write and stared at the blank page.   I wanted to write something uplifting.  I wanted to write something humorous to try to make myself and others smile.

I had nothing.   I closed the blog page.

This morning, in my normal routine, I weeble wobbled my way to the kitchen for coffee.

Normal.   Routine.

My day-to-day life didn’t change.   Most of our lives didn’t change.

We feel sympathy and empathy for the people of France. Many of us will do something concrete to help just as we did after terror hit our own country on September 11, 2001.   The feeling of being one, of solidarity, of standing together in love and unity makes us feel better.

Today, we’re horrified at the violence and shocked that any human being can think killing others will accomplish their goals, but most of us will settle back to our lives and we’ll go on with our routine.  Maybe we won’t be as complacent ( that changed for me after 9/11/2001)  but we will go on.

As we should.

Life goes on as it should.  We live each day as we should.   Terror doesn’t win.  Life does.

What’s a funny girl to do?    Get back to being funny.








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