The RV Series: BBOW waves Goodbye

Yes, I know the title is a little misleading because, of course, BBOW doesn’t have arms.  He can’t really wave, but he is blowing his air horn and racing his engine.

Today is the day BBOW starts on his journey toward a new home.   We don’t like to say the words “trade-in”  in front of him because those words might make him feel bad, so we just tell him that soon there will be a new family who will take him on wonderful adventures.

BBOW has been with us almost two years, and he has done his job well.   Oh sure, he had some aches and pains in the beginning, and we sometimes had to detour to mechanical clinics, but he always got us back on the road and to our destination.

More than that, BBOW carried us safely across the country on our first big adventure in the summer of 2015 and is responsible for our love of the RV lifestyle and our desire to live, at least part-time, in a Big Box On Wheels.

Dropping him off today was a little bit sad.

Sometime in March, his big sister will be coming to live with us.

We’re going to call her Bella Big Box On Wheels.  Because BBBOW is just too many B’s we’ll just call her Bella.



She’ll look a little like this, she is currently in hair and makeup.


We’re excited to meet her, and we know she’ll do little BBOW proud.

So, little BBOW, thank you for all you’ve given us and thank you for being part of our family.

We know there will be great adventures in your future.

There are great adventures coming up for us too.

Stay tuned….



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