The RV Series and The Puppy Chronicles- Poppys First Adventure

Poppy couldn’t understand why the walls of her house were moving.   Her space was shrinking, and she didn’t care for it at all.    I’m sure her frantic barking translated to “what is happening?  STOP!”

For the first time since we adopted her in June, Poppy had her first RV adventure on our week-long trip to Newport Beach to visit the grandkids.

After the slides came in, she investigated the smaller space and wasn’t a happy camper dog.

As it turned out,  unhappy camper dog was her theme for the week.

I wanted her to ride in her kennel so she wouldn’t be in the way.  She promptly let herself out by unzipping the door.   Thinking that must have been a fluke, I zipped her back in, and she unzipped herself out.   So much for the soft-sided kennel.  She rode with me on the couch and was quite put out that she couldn’t drive.


Once we arrived in Newport Beach and got the RV set up, we walked both dogs.   Dallas knows the RV park we stay in so he was fine, but Poppy was totally freaked out.  She didn’t understand the sand, the new smells, or the noises she was hearing.    Her short attention span was shorter than usual.  She spun on the leash, looking and smelling everything nervously.    I did my best to calm and reassure, but she barked and yipped and wasn’t at all cooperative.

She calmed down inside the RV because with the slides out it was home again, but not having the kennel was concerning since we’d never left the dogs in the RV alone without her being confined.    When we left to go visit the kids, I worried the entire time that Dallas would eat her.    Opening the door when we got back, there they sat at the top of the steps, none the worse for wear.   Dallas did give me a dirty look so I have a feeling he spent the entire time off the floor where she couldn’t reach him.

Each day was spent the same way with her freaking out when she was outside and Dallas giving me dirty looks when we returned.

The cherry on the shit sundae was the last night we were there, she peed on the bed at 10 pm.   Dave and I slept on the mattress pad that didn’t get wet, and because we don’t carry extra linens, he used a blanket, and I used a beach towel as covers.   She curled up between us, not giving a fig at all that there was no sheet or duvet.

We have a big trip planned, starting on October 3rd.   We travel to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, Santa Fe and the Grand Canyon.   I have hope that the second trip will be easier on her and she will adapt ( but I’m taking extra linens this time).

I have hope but also anxiety because at seven months old, she is a rebellious teen.   Last night she left us her comment card on the trip…

Dallas rolled his eyes, and I swear I heard him say, ” Told ya so.”



Stay tuned…

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2 Responses to The RV Series and The Puppy Chronicles- Poppys First Adventure

  1. Pat Riley says:

    Cookie learned on her first trip in our motor home how to get out of the harness that kept her safely in her travel bed. She spends some time on my lap and sometimes in her harness in her bed with me safely belted in on the couch. They are sometimes too smart for their own good. This happens every time we travel in the mh. The crate was too noisy for her.

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