On Poaching a Pooch

Don’t panic.

I’m not creeping into a neighbors yard and snatching a Shih Tzu or climbing a fence for a Frenchie.

I’m planning to steal a dog that already lives in my home.

Daves dog Dallas, the border collie/golden retriever mix who thinks the sun rises and sets with his person Dave.

Since losing Tarra, I miss the love and devotion that comes with having a furry shadow.

It just so happens that Dave will be away for a few days and I’ve carefully plotted my plan to pilfer.

I’m sure Dallas will be a little confused when “the other one” is the only one here.   It’s been a long time since that has happened and it’s never happened when he has been the only dog in the house.

He won’t understand why I’m the one walking him or why the chair he likes to lay beside is empty.

That’s ok.    I’m going to use that time to bribe him with cookies, and toys and as many belly rubs as he will allow.   I will coo and tell him he is MY good boy, MY dog.

I know it will be an uphill battle, a dog is a loyal friend to their chosen person, but I will ignore his eye rolls and sighs and just keep trying to convince him that I’m his person.

And if I fail and am still seen as “the other one”?

There’s always that cute Frenchie down the street…





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1 Response to On Poaching a Pooch

  1. good luck with the theft plan…it may very well work! I would do it, too!

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