A Dandelion in a Hurricane

It’s true the older we get, the faster time seems to go.   It’s hard to believe that February 1st was the one year anniversary of our retirement and we’ve been living full time in the RV for almost nine months.

Time is flying by like a dandelion in a hurricane.

So much has happened in the past year.   Many wonderful things with a few not so wonderful things thrown in.

But that’s life.

It’s a little like that healthy smoothy we make ourselves in the morning.  We put in the sweet stuff like strawberries or bananas, and then we throw in a raw beet ( which taste like dirt) because even though by themselves they taste gross, they are good for us.    The sweet stuff makes the nasty stuff more palatable.  So in life, it’s okay if we have to taste a beet every now and then because living isn’t just about the sweet.

The sorrow is important too.

There are lessons in the sorrow.

In the past year, I lost both my mother and my dog.  Those things hurt deeply, but the love and connection from people around me was the sweet stuff that eased the pain.  The losses reminded me to love as much as I can while I can, to make the most of each moment.

My dear friend is battling cancer, but each day her fighting spirit and the deepening connection we have lifts me up.  Though I try hard not to show it, my sorrow at her having to fight this disease is palpable, but there are lessons in these feelings too.  I’m learning to recognize the important things, to say the important things.

I want the hurricane winds of time to die down for a just a moment so I can catch that dandelion and make a wish.   I want to make sure to be present in each day and make the most of every minute.   I want to see the beauty, feel the joy and savor the time.  I want to be grateful for every minute of every day.

In one week I’ll be sixty-three years old.  Aging brings with it the understanding of just how short and precious life is.  We know we aren’t promised time.

So we remind ourselves again.   Breathe in this moment.   Say “I love you”, give hugs, make memories.

Wish on that dandelion.





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6 Responses to A Dandelion in a Hurricane

  1. Good lessons, well learned, my friend.

  2. Patrick Cann says:

    Beautiful words Kathy

  3. sagemtnmom says:

    Such truth and beauty in your words here. Sending wishes your way.

  4. This post really moved me. I wish we had more time on earth.

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