The Puppy Chronicles-Some of Us

I mentioned in my last blog that some of us are adjusting to life in Poppyville.

Me, I’m adjusting and laughing a lot.

Dave is adjusting.

Dallas the Dog, not so much.

Our almost 10-year-old Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix is still a little bit bewildered about what this whirling ball of fluff is.

Dallas came into our family a little over 8 years ago.   He joined Jock and Tarra, our Border Collies and did great with both of them.   We lost Jock in 2016 and Tarra in 2017, leaving Dallas an only dog.    He seemed lonely, and a little lost and I thought he’d love a friend.

I guess he wanted to pick his own friend because Poppy’s arrival has just pissed him off.

He tolerates her being close to him when she is calm. He even allows her to sleep against him for naps.


There are moments when he acts like he might want to play, but there is such a considerable size difference ( 55 lbs vs. 10 lbs) that I’m afraid he is going to hurt her.  Most of the time, he just tries to get away from her, which of course, she believes is a game.   She jumps at his face, grabs his tail, goes for his dangly bits until he finally growls and snaps at her.    We spend most of our time saying “no Poppy” and “Be nice Dallas!”

Dallas rolls his eyes a lot and has become a lap dog for Dave.



I know Poppy will calm down as she matures and even though the overthinking worrier that I am is nervous, my goal is for them to be friends that don’t annoy or eat each other.

They are both a part of the family, and neither of them is going anywhere.

Me?   I might run away from home or take up drinking ( oh who I am kidding…I might take up drinking MORE).

Stay tuned.



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