The RV Series- Dogs and Humans. I choose dogs.

Dallas, The Dog, was attacked by another dog in the RV park today.

Dog Walking Dave was walking him on the road when another dog came roaring out of an RV and latched on to Dallas’ neck and ear.   The dogs’ owner did not have good control over his dog, and the dog was on a damn retractable lead which she pulled out of the owner’s hand.

That’s right….SHE.

Dallas got his ass kicked by a girl.  An old girl.

I can joke now because I know he is going to be ok.  He has a tear in his ear, but that will heal.  He is on antibiotics and has some pain pills if necessary.

I think I’ll give those pain pills to Dave.   He and the dogs’ owner ended up in a shouting match because the dogs’ owner didn’t want to give any personal information.   We were taking Dallas to the vet and needed to know if Cujo was up to date on her shots.

The guy was overtly hostile, and I was afraid Dave was going to earn a new moniker; Dueling Dave or Duking it out Dave, but to his credit, he walked away.

What the heck is it with people?   Why can’t they just be civil?    I’d like to think that if Dallas had attacked another dog that I would have been apologetic and done everything I could to make sure the other human being knew I took responsibility.   In fact, I know I would.

I’m not mad at Cujo ( not really her name but her teeth marks on Dallas ear sure look like that crazy movie dog).   Most of the time, dogs learn what they live. We are ultimately responsible for the actions of our animals.

And so, once again, I’m reminded why I’m not a huge fan of people.

Give me a pack of wild dogs over an irrational, hateful human anytime.




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4 Responses to The RV Series- Dogs and Humans. I choose dogs.

  1. jammajo says:

    Glad Dallas will be ok!
    You know, I used to be social but as I headed into my late 50s, people started to irritate me. I embrace your term “too people-y”. I’m either getting crabby and old, or people are just rude anymore. Whatever. I, like you, would apologize and do what was right to fix the situation. Sheesh.

  2. Ugh. People suck. Sorry about Dallas.

  3. Joyce Gillette says:

    oh, poor DallasI Poor Dave! Poor Kathy!!

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