The RV Series- Eht Gib Pirt ( The Big Trip-in reverse)

After almost three months in Ohio, tomorrow we will head west toward home.

It’s been a great three months, filled with lots of family time and grandson baseball games.

On Wednesday, we drove eleven hours to New York and yesterday, after picking up our fourteen-year-old grandson Jack from his last day of school, we drove the eleven hours back.   A quick and tiring turn around.

Jack will be spending the next month with us, and we have some fun stops planned on the trip home.  We’ll stop in Gunnison Colorado, and we’ll be spending two nights in Cortez Colorado to see Mesa Verde National Park and two nights in Williams Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.

We are scheduled to arrive in Las Vegas on July 2nd, spending a little over a week at home before we take off for a family reunion in Newport Beach California on July 12th that will include all three sons and five of our six grandchildren.   I’m looking forward to that as it will be the first time my grands have been in the same place.  If I can get everyone to smile at the same time, it should make a great family picture.

Even though it will be oven mitt weather in Las Vegas, I’m excited to be going home.  You know what oven mitt weather is, don’t you?   The kind of heat where you have to use an oven mitt to open the car or RV door or suffer third-degree burns.  It’s the kind of heat where you want to make sure you don’t sit on anything metal when you are wearing shorts.   The kind of heat where I will actually wear shorts ( something I haven’t done in years).    But…it’s a dry heat…so while you are burning off a finger or two, you probably won’t be sweating much.

My fingers ( which I still have because I wear an oven mitt in the summer in Las Vegas) are crossed for a safe and uneventful trip.  The first four days we have between 350 and 380 miles a day planned, and I hope to be able to post from the road during the trip.

Stay tuned….



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