The RV Series- This is for the birds!

Yesterday, due to a reservation mistake made when we booked, we had to move from one site to another within the same campground. Not really a big deal except it’s a tad more people-y back here.

And not only people-y but BIRDY!

Our new neighbors have four parrots.


I was pretty sure I’d seen everything when I wrote about the traveling pig, but traveling parrots are even better.

And so, I’ve decided, I need a bird.

I mean, what better friend than a talking bird?   I  could teach it to say all kinds of positive things.   “I love you,” “you’re beautiful,” “you are the best at everything,” “have some coffee,” “you look great in those jeans,” “don’t listen to Dave, what does he know?”, “leaving early is dumb,” “buy more birds!” , ” The Redhead is ALWAYS right!”, … get the drift.

Last night when I communicated this desire for a bird to Travel Dave, his response was to flip me one…  Not exactly the type of bird I had in mind…

I like to imagine that if I had a talking bird, it might have responded to this gesture with a few choice words (being that it would be MY bird and would, of course, have those words in its vocabulary.)

Yep.  I definitely need a talking bird.

Stay tuned…






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