The RV Series- Two Years in a Tin Box

I have lived in a Big Box on Wheels for 730 days.

If you had asked me ten years ago what I’d be doing in 2019 my answer would not have been “living in a 44 ft class A motorhome in Las Vegas, Nevada” and I’m reasonably sure that would not have been anywhere on the list.   In fact, living in a pineapple under the sea with Spongebob Squarepants would have been on the list before a motorhome.

Yet, here we are.

It was May 17, 2017, when we left our home in Halfmoon, New York for the last time.  We had sold most of our belongings and stored what we needed to, packing only what we absolutely had to have (or could fit) into the motorhome.   We were excited and looking forward to our new life and adventures.   We didn’t really know what to expect or what we would end up doing,  we had no plan other than “head west.”

These two years have been exciting and enlightening.   I’ve learned so much about myself and what really matters.   If I had to sum up everything I’ve learned in just one word, that word would be “less.”

We spent years accumulating things.   Things we needed, things we wanted and lots of things that just took up space because we had space to fill.

At the time of the sale, it hurt to let some of those possessions go, but after the initial sting and living without them, I realized those things weren’t what I really needed.  What I really needed was less….and more.   Fewer things, more connection.

In those 17 New York years, we worked and bought things.   We didn’t make many human connections because we were too busy working and accumulating.

In the past two years, we’ve grown closer to each other ( a beautiful thing after almost 45 years of marriage), we’ve made good friends here in Las Vegas, and we’re doing things we never had the time to do before.   We’re not tempted to accumulate things because we don’t have a place to put them.    We live happily in a tiny home on wheels and the open air casita on our lot here in Las Vegas.   I have just enough privacy that it doesn’t send the introvert in me over the edge and I’ve learned to enjoy the daily interaction with people.   I have everything that matters to me; my husband, my dog, friends, family close enough to visit, beautiful weather, year-round green, flowers, and birds.    What more could anyone ask for?


We aren’t traveling as much as we did last year, but that could change when the temperatures in Las Vegas hit 110 degrees.   That’s the fun of living on wheels with a big diesel engine.

Sure beats living in a pineapple under the sea.

Less really is more and I love it.




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3 Responses to The RV Series- Two Years in a Tin Box

  1. robert b warren says:

    Kathy, you make my day! Life is good in spite of what they say!

  2. Tom Atkins says:

    I can’t believe it has been that long!

  3. This. Post. Is. Perfect. We are the 2.5 year point and love it, also. Less is definitely more, on so, so, so many levels! Dawn

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