The RV Series- Silence is Golden

When Dave and I were working in the same office, we would each take separate vacations a couple of times a year.   It worked for us, he got to do his thing, I got to do mine, and we got some time apart, a good thing when you spend 24/7 together.

In the two years since we retired and started this full-time RV living adventure, we haven’t had much time apart.  The things I loved about living in a big house have been replaced with the adjustments necessary for each of us living in a tiny space and being together all the time.

When we were working and living in the house, he would get up and go to work early, leaving me with a quiet home to wake up to.   In nice weather,  I’d take my coffee to the screened porch to listen to the birds, then I’d have my time to get ready and get to work.  All in the quiet.

In the RV, he is still up earlier than I am, but now I get up to the television spewing the latest depressing news and a human being talking to me.   It’s been an adjustment, but most mornings, aside from that annoying news stuff on television, it works out ok.   I manage not to snap at him, and he tries to give me a little space to wake up.

Yesterday morning, he left very early for a flight to Florida to spend a few days fishing with a friend.  I woke up to the quiet.   I took my coffee outside and listened to the birds.  I didn’t have the stress of the news first thing, and it was a very peaceful way to start my day.   I swear I felt like a nicer person.

This morning, I woke up early because Dallas was staring at me.   I got up, fed him and then walked him.   All in the quiet.  Dallas isn’t much of a talker, but I think I heard him say ” Gee Mom, you seem nicer today.”

I think I’m going to try to renegotiate this whole RV living thing.   Not sure what my bargaining chip will be but my ask will be morning quiet, no tv news.

I am a little surprised at how much I miss Daves presence.  One of the best things about the past two years living in a tin box is that it’s brought us much closer.   Even after 45 years together, that’s a good thing.  He really is my best friend ( Shhhhh, don’t tell him, I’ll lose any bargaining power I have if he knows that).

He will be home on Saturday, so I have a few more days of morning quiet and early walks with Dallas to think about what my bargaining tactics will be.  Maybe that whole “nicer person” will be the key.   I’ll get the dog to vouch for me.

Fishing Dave seems to be having a great trip ( not sure that fish feels the same).  Maybe a few days without the morning news will be good for him too.



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2 Responses to The RV Series- Silence is Golden

  1. What saved us were wireless headphones for the TV. When Mike works he is on the phone almost the entire day. The headphones not only block him out, but I can also watch my guilty pleasure show or chick flick (NOT the news–LOL) without disturbing him at all.

  2. kdewez says:

    I bought some, he doesn’t like them but I may try putting them on first thing in the morning 😂

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