No Ramble, A Whole Lot of Bramble

We are not Rambling at all right now, we are safely parked at our home base in Las Vegas, but we are trying to pick our way through the twisted, thorny bramble that is our world’s circumstance.

Twenty-five days ago, because of the Covid-19 virus, the Governor of Nevada shut down the state leaving only essential businesses open and issuing a stay at home order.

The stats on the virus are continuing to rise in Nevada, but slower than states that weren’t shut down as early.   We aren’t, by any means, out of the woods.

We all find ourselves in a time of uncertainty and loss.   Knowing how to feel right now isn’t something that comes easily.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I feel sad and a little scared.   Dave and I are in that age group early on deemed most at risk, though it certainly seems that this virus is less discriminate than we were first told.    The worst part for everyone must be having to be separated if one of a couple or a loved one ends up in the hospital.   The medical personnel is stretched thin, and stories I’ve heard from those we know who have been in the hospital have left me in fear. The harried staff has little time to call loved ones to inform them of the progress, not much time to give to the person who is sick beyond what is medically necessary.    Everyone in the hospital needs a family advocate, and this virus has robbed us of that.

I’m sad that there have been so many lives lost and that the families of these souls can’t even say goodbye.

I’m also worried about our local economy.   Las Vegas is a tourist town, so many jobs depend on tourism.   Those people are laid off or furloughed with no idea when they might be returning to work.

I am afraid that life as we knew it has changed, and I’m not sure if it is forever or if things will return to normal.

As a control freak, this is making me a little bit crazier than I was to start with.   I like my ducks neatly lined up, all the same color and size.    Right now, I have no ducks; Just a clown car full of scary clowns who won’t listen to directions.

But…and it’s a big fat positive but… there are little signs of light and hope all around.  Regular people helping others as well as the heroes in the medical and essential service jobs.   People showing up every single day, risking their lives to help others.    Today, the Air Force Thunderbirds took off from Nellis AFB and did a fly-over of every hospital in our area to thank the medical personnel.   Gave me goosebumps.

Who will we be when this ends?

I hope we will be kinder, more gentle and understanding, more giving and forgiving.  I hope we will recognize what is really important and focus more on those things.

I just want my ducks back, all lined up in a nice row.    These damn clowns need to go, and they can take the stockpile of toilet paper with them.

Stay safe out there and be kind to each other.  Wash your hands, wear a mask, and social distance.   We are going to get through this, and I hope that each of us comes away with a new appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy and the people we love.  I can’t wait to hug my kids and grandkids again.



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3 Responses to No Ramble, A Whole Lot of Bramble

  1. sagemtnmom says:

    Hang in there Kathy. We really are all in this together- on a global scale- and so it’s a good thing we are doing this in isolation because from an introvert’s perspective that is way too many people to be “with” all at once 😉 Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

  2. Michael Gillette says:

    You can line up your Peeps while you wait for ducks to behave…

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