Good reasons not to name a fish- The Epilogue


A quick refresher:  Post one, eaten by a heron.  Post two, fruitful and multiplied.  Post three: Save the fish! Aquarium.

Which brings us to the epilogue.  A sad ending for  Jimbob, Joe, Jerry, Jackie,  Jay and little Moe.

This morning I made my coffee and headed over to the aquarium to turn the lights on and feed the hungry.    This morning though, the light revealed a horrible pre-coffee shock.   Six floating fishes.   *Imagine a dirge here*

My pre-coffee morning was spent scooping and flushing and a flurry of water changing and filter cleaning to try to save (there I go again) the remaining fish.

As I scooped the tiny little bodies out I briefly thought about lovingly crafting six tiny coffins and holding a formal fishy funeral.    I hadn’t had my coffee yet so that thought flew right through and was replaced by the decision to flush and hum “Amazing Grace” as the water swirled.

Good intentions, road to hell and all that jazz.

At this point the remaining school seems to be perking up.   Fancy Nancy is still alive and well.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to use the downstairs powder room for the intended purpose ever again.  Hard to do when you’ve hummed a hymn while conducting a burial at sea in that space.  In hindsight those tiny coffins might have been a better idea.

The end   (at least for  Jimbob, Joe, Jerry,Jackie, Jay and little Moe).

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1 Response to Good reasons not to name a fish- The Epilogue

  1. Joyce Gillette says:

    Sorry for your loss! dum dum de dum, dum, dum, dum,da dum, de dum…. de dum dum dum… or is that happy birthday?

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