Jock the Dog on RV Travel


Hey all, Jock the dog here.

There has been way too much activity in my house the last few days.   Something is going on and I don’t like it one bit.    That big thing on wheels ( they call it the BBoW) is in the driveway.   I saw it when I went for a walk the other day but I forgot it was there.   It scared me this morning.


Remember last year when we got in that thing and we were gone for days and days?   What if that happens again?   Thinking about it makes me nervous.   Will they remember to bring my bed? My bowls?  My leash?   Oh my god what if they forget my COOKIES? There are steps.   How do they expect me to get in and out?   An old dog only has so many up’s and down’s you know and I think I’ve reached my quota.

WHAT IF THEY BRING DALLAS????      My person said I’m not allowed to call him that “a’hole” name anymore but you can just substitute that word when you read his name.   He should not be allowed to go.  He is not polite.

I am too old to have to worry about all these things.   At my age life should be naps, tail wagging, ice cubes, cookies and more naps.    I am done with all this adventure stuff.

Tonight when everyone is sleeping I’m going to sneak out and put a sign on that thing.

Free to a good home.  One scary wheeled thing.   Comes with an a’hole dog.

I think that’s a great plan and I’m sure it will work.

Now I need a nap, all this planning and worry has worn me out.


Jock the Dog, a very clever boy.

dog paw print








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2 Responses to Jock the Dog on RV Travel

  1. Jock the Dog, I am sure your people have a list of your must haves! Jillie is with you on the a-hole thing. She said to tell you since the little dog moved in, it’s been crazy—she is always busy!
    Smooches from Syl and tail wags from Jillie and Penelope

  2. Jock, I think I love you.

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