The RV Series 2016- First Trip-Play Ball!

The first trip is in the books for me, and though short, it was fun.



The last few days were spent just about 90 minutes down the road in Oneonta, New York.  Our grandson was playing in a baseball tournament at the Cooperstown All Star Village.



We packed up the dogs and headed out on Saturday morning.   As usual, Travel Dave wanted to leave before the sun came up.   We left at 9 am because, also, as usual, I needed my coffee and time for my body to stop weeble wobbling.



This trip was a first for Dallas as he didn’t go with us to California last year.   He made himself right at home in the passenger seat and co-piloted the whole way.





The other dogs jockeyed for position on the front window. Tarra got the view, but poor Jock couldn’t get close, so he just gave up, rolled his eyes, called Dallas an a’hole and made himself comfortable on the best dog bed.




We were there in less than two hours and had no trouble at all finding our campground but……

It sits on top of a hill.  The pictures below show the road but are all taken coming down in the car because I was hiding my eyes going up in the *BBoW and muttering “holy crap, holy crap” the entire time.




I’m not sure the pictures convey how very steep, narrow and winding this road is.     Driving Dave did a great job getting BBoW to the top, but the high-strung red head made her first appearance of the season.




Once we got to the top of the hill, the view was spectacular.





The dogs…. Did I mention there are three?   For some reason, that extra dog makes a huge difference.    Dallas is young and still really excitable about EVERYTHING.   Was that a bird?  A squirrel OH MY GOD a SQUIRREL!   Hey, there’s a fly in here, I’ll catch it in my mouth!  SOMEBODY IS WALKING BY! BARKKKKKKK!  EVERYONE BARK!

Jock just stayed on his bed and rolled his eyes at every disturbance. This trip was a bit tough on him. He had to be carried up and down the stairs each time and seemed a little disoriented.  It made me sad to see and sad to say that he may not have too many trips left in him. He does better at home in his own space.


Unlike the first trip out last year, Tarra did fine.  She didn’t whine as much, and she did settle in for the ride.   She would bark a little when we left to go to the games each day, but I think she was making a comment about my choice of radio station more than anything.     The wooded setting kept the satellite from receiving a signal, so they were forced to listen to FM radio instead of their favorite television programs.   Tarra prefers cooking shows, Dallas always wants to watch the fireplace channel, and Jock likes reruns of The Golden Girls.

While the baseball tournament is set to run through Thursday or Friday, I had to come back today for work.    Driving Dave packed the dogs and me up in the Jeep and drove us home after the 9 am game.   He promptly turned around, waved, said “see ya” and went back to Cooperstown for some BBoW alone time.

A short trip out but it felt good to be back in BBoW.   I’m excited to plan the next mini-adventure.

Stay tuned…

* For any new readers BBoW is the “Big Box on Wheels”, our 36 ft RV

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